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Do i need a lawyer to get a pre-trial diversion? Can i use a public defender?

Sugar Land, TX |

Charged with class b marijuana possession and class c paraphernalia. This is my first time offense and i am 18 years old.

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Public Defenders are lawyers . . .

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Evan Edward Pierce-Jones

Evan Edward Pierce-Jones


An obvious fact that for some reason must be re-stated over and over and over. Many public defenders are superb criminal defense lawyers. And, many are essentially "rookies". Of course, the defendant who hires a lawyer gets to pick his or her counsel from those willing to take on the case.


You absolutely need a lawyer. Only a criminal defense lawyer well versed in search and seizure law will have the skills and the knowledge to properly defend you. The first goal should not be to get PTD, it should be to get a dismissal if possible. Then if dismissal is not possible you can begin to look at other options such as PTD. A drug possession charge can seriously affect the rest of your life. It is not something to try to deal with yourself. For instance did you know that a conviction on a misdemeanor possession of marijuana can prevent you from ever getting Federally backed financial aid to attend any post secondary education?
If you ask for an appointed attorney, the Judge will make that decision based on your income and resources.

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