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Do I need a lawyer for wrongful termination, I know fla is a right to work state..

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I was accused of falsying documents(STEALING TIME!)I WORKED ON THIS JOB 31/2YEARS AND II OVER SLEEP AND MY COWORKER GOT MY BADGE AND CLOCKED ME IN @ and we both was written up and sursepended for to days then I was terminated and my co worker still work there.... Help.......

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Right to work means that they cannot force you to join a union. Wrongful termination actions in Florida are very limited. However, if you and your co-worker were treated differently you may be eligible for unemployment benefits, unless you have a previous history and he does not. You may want to consult with an employment lawyer on those issues, and see if there are any other facts that might give you some cause of action.

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If the coworker is of a different gender ,race,etc there may be a claim



Yes.....he is


If your coworker clocked you in and you did not self-report it to your employer, you likely will not have a wrongful termination claim as the termination was clearly for a legitimate business reason. However, if your coworker is not in the same class as you (ie. race, gender, disability etc), then you MAY have a case. Best of luck!

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