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Do i need a lawyer for replacement or payment issues with my wireless company since there claiming im basically screwed?

Marietta, GA |

I have purchased 2 wireless devices from my cell service provider. Neither of them have worked properly. I have contacted my customer care representatives numerous amount of times about this issue and basically they are telling me that there is nothing that they can do for me. I have been a customer of Boost Mobile for over an year and some months. I have spent hundreds of dollars with this company. and this is the first issue that i have had with them and now that i need help from them regarding replacement or refund of my phone they are refusing to help me. Every time that i call them they either talk over me or tell me that they are going to disconnect my call if i keep on explaining my issue to them. I need help really bad cause i can not go without a phone.

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You didn't provide enough information to answer your question. You should consider speaking directly with an attorney to discuss the details of your situation (and determine if you actually have a case).

The above answer is a general explanation of legal rights and procedures. It does not constitute legal advice. Nor does it establish an attorney-client relationship between the individual posting the question and the attorney providing the answer.

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