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Do i need a lawyer for my son being grabed by a teacher at his school in indiana he was pulled by the coat and shirt.

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march 18 my son is in 4 Th grade he had a sub teacher at the end of the day the kids were lined up in the doorway my son saw his sister walk by with her teacher he steeped out of the door way to say something to her the teacher then grabbed his coat tightly and forcefully pulled him backwards in to the class. he was very upset and said dad i cant put my hands on any one why can the teacher put her hands on me. he is a b student and in art club. was on student council so he is not a bad kid we are upset that we called and spoke to principle and she has done nothing this was done in front of students. i want an appoligy in public all of my kids are now scared of this sub.just looking for what can be done thanks for your help.

it is a public school

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The teacher's conduct was inappropriate particularly if it was not preceded by some type of a verbal warning. I would recommend meeting with the principal to formally register your concerns and writing a letter describing the incident. You want this letter to go to the principal and the school district superintendent's office as substitute teachers are "at will" employees usually hired off of a list of qualified persons. While you may not get "justice" for your son's ill-treatment, enough complaints of this type will possibly prevent this individual from being hired as a substitute if not at the district level, then certainly at your son's school.

You may also want to follow up on finding out what the specific qualifications are for substitute teachers in your district. If your sense is that the standards are too low, you as a parent can use your experience to encourage the district to be more selective in its substitute hiring standards.

This is not a substitute for a consultation with an education or civil rights law attorney in your community.

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