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Do I need a Lawyer for my DWI and what should I plead?

Portsmouth, NH |

I was arrested for my first DWI, took the field sobriety tests and blew a .11, I was told I could refuse the test but was never told the consequence if I refused.
I was taken to the police station but was never handcuffed, never put in a cell, they never searched my person and they let me keep my personal items the entire time(in the back of the cruiser and at the station). I was asked the basic questions; name, address, social, where I worked, etc. I was finger printed, had my picture taken, etc. however I was never read my rights or told that I was "under arrest". I paid the bail commissioner, was released that night and was given a court date.

How should I plead in court? I can't afford a lawyer, do I need one if I try to fight it?

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I would advise getting a lawyer. The consequences of having a DWI on your record are harsh and long lasting. Just because you blew over it does not mean your guilty. One thing you must do is have your breath samples retested. As for not being able to afford a lawyer, please contact me and we can work something out. Good luck.

Nicholas Howie Esq.


DWI is a serious offense, I suggest getting a lawyer as soon as possible to address this issue, call the bar association to see if you can get a low or no cost lawyer to help you in this matter, good luck.

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You should talk to a few attorneys before you make the decision you can't afford one. You might be surprised. If you want to find one in your area here on AVVO you can select "Find a Lawyer" at the top of the page. Good luck.


Yes. Pleas not guilty and call a lawyer.


You should plead "not guilty" and request that a public defender be appointed if you cannot afford to retain a private attorney.

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