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Do I need a lawyer for a Theft 2?

Newport, OR |

I recently met these girls and we decided to go out for a couple drinks. By the end of the night we found a purse that was left near our table. Being overly indulge I thought the things that were on the table are ours. I put the cell phone in my purse and believe grab the purse that was on the table. As we headed out one of the girls said it wasn't our purse and another one said well let's look in the purse and see who it belongs to. So we open the purse and looked and it was none of our purses, the girl that opened gave each of us money that came out of the purse and in that very same moment a girl jumped out of no where and pulled the purse saying it's hers. A fight broke out and i left. I ended being home with a phone. Now im charged with a theft charge.

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1. Any person facing a criminal charge absolutely needs a criminal defense attorney to get through the situation successfully. A criminal defense attorney will review the evidence and lay out the best strategy for handling your matter. You need someone on your side who understands the system, and who can analyze the situation objectively, and can prepare your defense or negotiate on your behalf. Only a criminal defense attorney can do these things for you.

2. You absolutely should NOT attempt to discuss your case online. The police and prosecutors can read what you post online, and what you disclose about your case can be used against you. Be smart. This is a very serious situation. The consequences can be severe and long lasting. Do not post information about your case online.


You Need A Lawyer! As stated above, you should never post specific facts about your case on-line, this includes social media cites like facebook. The DA or the police might use this information against you.

An attorney will help you protect yourself, and explain to you that the State has the burden of proving each element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt. One of the elements of theft, is that you had the specific intent to permanently deprive the owner of the property. Voluntary intoxication (being under the influence) can negate this intent. Essentially, the argument is that you were too intoxicated to know what you were doing. Additionally, mistake might be a defense in your case An Attorney can help you determine whether or not these are good defenses for your case. An Attorney will also argue that you should receive a lighter sentence than the others, because you never actually actually went into the purse.

Theft convictions can be troublesome for various reasons. They will negatively affect your employment opportunities, and they can affect your educational opportunities. An Attorney will assist you in evaluating how this conviction will affect your future and advise you on your options.

This posting does not create an attorney client relationship and is for informational purposes only.


It is never a smart idea to navigate the criminal justice system alone. Yes you should have an attorney. S/he will be able to negotiate the best possible disposition for you. Dont say or do anything (certainly not post facts/admissions online) without the assistance and guidance of an attorney. Good luck.

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