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Do I need a lawyer for a minor accident where both drivers were cited?

Atlanta, GA |

I received a citation for failure to yield while turning left, the other driver received a citation for running a red light. The officer doesn't get paid enough to figure out who was at fault so he left it to the court to decide. No witnesses stopped so it is his word against mine. I have a perfect driving record for my entire life (10+ yrs) and live out of state. Insurance company has already issued a "no-fault" judgement so my insurance will not increase UNLESS points are assigned to my record. Would it be best to simply hire a lawyer and get this taken care of? How much are court costs and a fine for something like this? No injuries on either side.

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These are unfortunate situations, but you can often negotiate a joint dismissal with the other party. Since you are the only witness against him and he the only one against you, you could both invoke your 5th amendment rights and the solicitor will usually go along with it. You have no other options except plead guilty or request a trial. Neither are good options. I've done this in Atlanta municipal court for clients so if that is where your case is pending judge Jackson will accept this deal and dismiss both tickets with a smile! Good luck.

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You should probably get an attorney to represent you in traffic court.

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I think you'll find that many attorneys will handle something like this for you for a very reasonable fee. Find someone you feel comfortable with and get this over with.

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If you have insurance, the will provide an attorney for you in the event of a lawsuit. In terms of your ticket, get a traffic ticket attorney to handle the matter.

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Spend a couple hundred bucks for a local traffic court lawyer to fight it.


Get an experienced traffic ticket attorney to represent you on the charges. If you are sued, forward all paperwork to your insurance company. Good luck.

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In terms of the automible accident where both parties are alleged in an intersectional collision to have run a red light or failed to yield, this is an impossible scenario that both parties to have take these actions. The other option is that both parties were correct and the traffic light was operating improperly. Call a local attorney and get some advice regarding this accident.

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You should definitely hire a local attorney and avoid the points. In the long run, the avoidance of points is generally worth far more than the cost for representation.

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