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Do i need a lawyer? i slipt and fell walking into a store

Tacoma, WA |

Kind of a long story i injuried myself at work and had to have knee surgery 2 months after my surgery i was 2 days away from being off crutches and a knee brace. i slipt and fell walking into a store. It was raining out and i slipt as soon as i got under the roof where the pavement turns to a stone of some sort. i injured my knee agian in a different spot and had to have 5 surgeries to fix my knee properly ended with taking my calf musle out and moving it ontop of my knee. I am in the military and , the doctors have told me i will never be able to run agian or bear any extra weight so i am going to get released from the military because of this should i get an attorney? or do i not have a case?

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The fact that you slipped and fell on water on the floor as soon as you got under the roof does not answer the question of whether there is liability.


I am sorry to hear about your injury. The only way to figure out if you have a case would be to consult with an attorney in your state with solid experience in handling these sort of cases. So-called "slip and fall" or "trip and fall" cases can be very challenging, but the best way to find out if you have a case that can be pursued legally is to consult with a good attorney. Most attorneys who handle these cases will talk or meet with you w/o charge for an initial consultation. Here is a link to the Washington State Association for Justice's "Find a Lawyer" site:
Good luck with this, and thank you for your service.


It is difficult to give an accurate evaluation of your case based on the limited information provided. It is best to find an experienced personal injury attorney and call for a free consultation.

Daniel Buttafuoco

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Please contact a local attorney and investigate your rights.

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