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Do i need a lawer for a ticket that send me to court for having a suspendedregistration? Please look at the details.

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My car was parked at my house since i couldnt drive it , in the mean time i was driving my fathers car. I have fixed all registration problems and my car is in good shape to be driven again , but i still need to go to court , please help me

The car was parked in my House parking lot when i got the ticket

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Suspended license and suspended registration offenses are some of the most serious traffic offenses with penalties that include further suspensions and mandatory jail time for third time offenders. The best way to avoid becoming a third offender is to never get a first conviction. There are many ways to end up suspended and many ways to defend these cases. I very much suggest you hire a lawyer.

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It is good that you have all documents up-to-date. It sounds like you may have a defense as well. It is important to request "discovery" from police to review your best course of action.

Please be advised my answers to questions does not constitute legal advise and you should not rely on it, due to the fact that we have never met, I have not been aprised of the facts in you case nor have I reviewed any documents.


If you received a summons for an expired registration, you must answer for it. What you need to decide is whether it's worth fighting the ticket outright, trying to get the prosecutor to reduce the violation, or to just pay it and be done with it. If you choose option #3, then you can pay the fine on line .

If you want to choose either of the other two options, you may want to consult with an attorney. You may have a defense to the ticket relating to why the officer was observing a parked car at a residence. I'd have to see the discovery to tell whether that is valid or not.

The foregoing is not legal advice, and nothing in the foregoing shall be deemed to create an attorney client relationship. If you feel you need to speak with an attorney regarding your issue, it is recommended that you contact an attorney with expertise in your area of inquiry. The information related above is purely for informational purposes, and should not be acted upon without speaking with qualified counsel familiar with you specific situation and the laws related thereto.


A suspended registration charge is very serious, $500 fine and up to 6 months loss of license plus a $250/year for three year surcharge. But the statute is operating with a suspended registration. If it was parked you likely (but not always) were not operating the vehicle. A lesser charge can likely be negotiated or the case dismissed. An experienced criminal defense attorney can better accomplish these goals.