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Do I need a landlord tenant atty or a personal injury atty?

Orange, CA |

My landlord/roommate is retaliating against me since I complained about her. I gave 30 days notice to move at the end of the month, but she is doing everything she can to harrass us(my child lives with me), including putting cameras up with audio(one aims right at our door, so when we open it, she can film us), and even filing an unlawful detainer after I gave her a notice by certified mail. (she has a last 2 weeks deposit I gave her on record) plus a cleaning deposit. she filed it after she got my certified notice).Now I am even wondering if the 2 week deposit plus the cleaning is was legal. She unplugged the stove, and much more. It is extremly stressful. When she got the rent from me certified on the 4th, that's when she started with the cameras.

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My advice? (and I see the queston has been viewed 7 times with no answer) Use any funds available to you to move out of there ASAP. Let her come after you in court for anything she claims is owed, I doubt if a court will listen for long.

Good luck with it.

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You need a landlord tenant attorney to advise you on what your next steps should


I would agree with Andrew. You need to just get out of there.