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Do I need a fraud attorney?

Harrisburg, PA |

My friends mom had asked me to call in the unemployment office to see why his payments had stopped while he had been incarcerated I was unaware that you can't draw while incarcerated Now they are trying to charge me with attempted theft by deception yet I wasnt calling in to obtain money just imformation at his and his mothers consent

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If you feel as though there is any indication you will be charged with benefits fraud you should seek the assistance of a qualified criminal attorney. Benefits fraud is a very serious matter, especially with the current economy. You should no longer talk with any representatives of the unemployment commission, the police, or any other investigating agency with the an attorney present (or at a minimum with their advice).

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I agree with my colleague. You need to speak with a defense attorney ASAP. Do not speak with the police. Do not speak with anyone from the Inspector General's Office. Do not speak with anyone from the Attorney General's Office.


Two pieces of advice. First, don't talk about this on the internet or any other public place. Second, go see a local Criminal Law attorney right away. Discussing potential criminal charges or penalties at online forums can be risky. If your concern is about potential criminal issues, then you should not talk about it on the internet at all. Instead you should talk to a criminal law lawyer near you, right away. Many investigators now check social media and Q&A websites when they are investigating a possible defendant, looking for questions that may indicate possible guilt or damaging admissions that can be gleaned from questions posted online. To ask your criminal law question more safely, you may want to read this free online Avvo Legal Guide, How to Ask a Criminal Law Legal Question, Not Get in Trouble, and Get the Right Answer, here: I do not know what your circumstance is or if you are inquiring only generally or perhaps for another person who was wondering. Regardless, you should talk to a local criminal law attorney near you right away. Reading this free online Avvo Legal Guide may help you understand general concepts of Fraud, What is Fraud, You need to talk to a local Criminal Law attorney who deals with this kind of case. Call your local attorney's Bar Association and ask for a referral to a Criminal Law attorney near you. If this answer was helpful, please give a “Vote Up” review below. Thanks. Ron Burdge,

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