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Do I need a Family Lawyer or other type of attorney?

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My daughter's mother dropped my 6 year old daughter off with my mother, paternal grandmother, back in 11/2013, she left here there up until 7/2014, and the only reason she went and got her is because we have an upcoming court date for child support that I have been paying to the custodial parent that did not even have her, but now that she knows the child support will get cut off, along with her committing fraud for food stamps and medicaid she wants her back and is trying to sign her over to a woman that is not blood relation, what rights do my mother and I have being the paternal side and can she just sign my daughter over to a stranger without my consent

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Yes hire a family law attorney skilled in trial work

Evidence needs to be perpetuated and that takes time and an investigation. Don't wait. Save money by hiring a lawyer. Good luck.


This is a complicated matter. Both you, as parent, and your mother, as grandparent, have rights. Your rights supersede a third parties'. Now, you may have to bring all of this to the court's attention, and it would be in your, and your child's, best interest to retain an attorney to advise and represent you.


You should consult with an experience South Carolina child custody lawyer.

You should discuss with your attorney what your rights might be. Your legal rights as the father will depend on whether you were married to the mother at the time of the birth. Alternatively, if you have filed a paternity case to have your legal rights determined as a father, your legal position will be stronger.

You have my best wishes.

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