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Do I need a family law attorney

Marietta, GA |

My husband was just arrested on a failure to appear charge regarding a delinquent child support order for children from a previous relationship, but he never recieved a notice to appear. He was out of work for several months, which is the reason why he got behind in his child support payments. He is now back to work full for the last month or so. They arreseted him this morning and when he appeared before the judge, they told him they he would be held without bond and for up to 30 days until his next court date. This will only put him further benind in his payments. I am wondering what can be done to get him release so he won't lose his job and can resume with paying the past due child support.

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You should find an attorney who is familiar with family law and criminal law. I"m not familiar with who the judge is in your husband's case, or the specifics of his case, so I cannot give specific advice, but absolutely you should get him an attorney ASAP. Depending upon the specifics of his case you might be best served by an attorney familiar with both criminal and family law, not only because he's in jail, but because falling behind in child support can also be considered a crime, if he hasn't already been charged with a crime in addition to failure to appear.

Mary Katherine Brown

Mary Katherine Brown


As always, the highest regard should be given to the information provided by your local attorneys.

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