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Do I need a dental attorney?

Phoenix, AZ |

I had an issue with a permanent bridge in 1/13 and did seek services from a dentist; went on a cruise and returned; completed the process of getting a new bridge; expressed to the dentist that my gum was swollen prior to placing the new bridge and afterwards plus the eye tooth was the largest in my mouth; he told me to floss and that the swelling was normal and asked if I wanted him to sand the tooth down, which I declined; he totally dismissed my observation and feelings; since he hammered out my the bridge that was to be replaced and placing the new bridge in I have had additional headaches, continued swollen gum, and the smell of a cavity that appears to be coming from the eye tooth. At this point I have a fear of returning to this dentist. Please advise me of my next step.

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Resolve teeth with new dentist, and Google "dental malpractice lawyer"


Get a second opinion immediately. You need to find out if there is an infection brewing. Preferably, you can have the problem corrected before much damage is done. It would not hurt to consult a dental malpractice attorney in your area once you have a better idea of what is happening.


Get your dental issues addressed first then consult a dental malpractice attorney. Best of luck.

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Sounds like the first thing you need is a new dentist. Lawyers don't fix teeth and not all problems have a legal solution. Later, if you find that you have a serious issue that cannot be fixed, it will be time to seek legal advice.



Thank you Mr. Curtin, but I didn't expect you to go beyond your scope "lawyers don't fix teeth..." Just wanted to know my options with my main objection is to have the wrong corrected without me coming out of my pocket again.

John M Curtin

John M Curtin


Generally, if the amount at issue is limited to expenses, it is not economically feasible to hire a lawyer.

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