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Do I need a criminal defense lawyer

Savannah, GA |

I was shopping in Kmart and got distracted and put some makeup in my purse and got arrested for shop lifting it is my first offence

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Yes.... You are charged with a crime and have an arrest record. You need an attorney to help you protect your interest. Hire one sooner rather than later.....

P Darrell Kimbrell

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Yes. An attorney can help you avoid a conviction. Don't go into court alone.


Yes, a lawyer can likely help you get this dismissed and get the arrest expunged from your record. The short term cost of hiring a lawyer will be much less than the long term cost of representing yourself. If you cannot afford a lawyer, remember that you are entitled to one and should therefore request a public defender.


Yes. Hire the best lawyer you can afford, and follow his/her advice. Quickly.

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Yes you need an attorney. If this incident happened in Chatham County, you may be eligible for a per trial diversion program. Inwould be happy to discuss your case with you.

This answer is not intended to be legal advice. This answer is general in nature and does not create an attorney-client relationship. If you wish to create an attorney-client relationship you should contact an attorney and formally discuss the specifics of your case.

Mark J. Issa

Mark J. Issa


I think he meant Pre Trial Diversion and you should definitely contact a local attorney in Savannah. Start with Mr. Jarrett who has replied here.

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