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Do I need a Criminal defense Lawyer?

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I got suspended from my job yesterday for being stopped shoplifting by the LP, the reason is I returned a few items without scanning my discount card, so the returned amount were greater than the Original amount I paid, LP said it caused a store loss, so it is considered as a shoplifting... I signed some paper addmiting what I did and promised paying back the value, also got a copy of CIVIL DEMAND , being told I would get a letter with a fee in future. No police was called, I am not sure if I would be pressed charge for that, should I get a criminal defense lawyer?

the Total amount was 165usd, and the LP found me using the store credit ( from the item return) from the store system. did I have a crime? will I have a criminal record in my life?

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Yes, you should hire a criminal defense lawyer. This is not a complicated matter by any means, but it should be handled properly to minimize the risk of you getting a civil record that is related to theft. It is also possible for the store to report the case to the state attorneys office.

Even if you were not arrested, the state attorney can still charge you if they review the case and beleive the evidence supports a charge of theft.

In any event, I would be happy to explain what can be done for you in greater detail.

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- Brian Silber, Esq.