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Do i need a criminal defense attorney

Hendersonville, NC |

I was at the scene of a sale of Sch.1 drugs. I am 16, wasn't read my rights, and was questioned. They detective said i wouldn't be charged with conspiracy to traffic drugs ( 30 pills of Ecstasy) if i cooperated. I have to go to his office and speak with him. They cant use my statement because i wasn't read my rights. i don't think they can. I thought i should either get an attorney or ask myself for some type of agreement from the D.A to not press charges on me if i cooperated with the investigation. Or say i thought the other parties were selling/buying Marijuana, which would be a misdemeanor and not a felony, since they can't use what i said the first time. I am willing to cooperate if i get something saying they won't press charges on me. The problem is i have no money for an attorney

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Remember that the police and the district attorney office are NOT your friends when they are investigating a criminal case. As a former police officer, I will tell you- that police officers will try to induce you into making statements -- statements that will eventually incriminate you and others.

You need a defense attorney. If you have no money the court will likely consider you indigent-- so if you are arrested and charged then ask for a court appointed attorney. If you are not arrested or charged (or even if you are) say nothing to the police without the advice of a criminal defense attorney. You can't try to outsmart the police by changing the stories in order to try to "reduce" the crime from a felony to a misdemeanor. They are smarter than that-- so bottom line-- do not speak to the police or any public official unless your attorney directs you to do so!


You don't have to be read rights unless this was a custodial interrogation. If you were not in custody at the time then they could ask you all the questions they wanted to without you being "Mirandized." You do not have to speak with anyone. Just because you were present when someone else did something illegal does not make you guilty.