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Do I need a criminal defense attorney?

Detroit, MI |

My son was murdered for being a transexual at a apartment building while trying to buy marijuana. I posted flyers of the the last person who was seen with him asking for information about the case. I am now being charge with a felony count of aggregated stalking. She is stating I am constantly calling and harassing her but I am not. What so I do?

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1. Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. Do not discuss the case with anyone but an attorney (or your husband or wife).
2. You can get your phone records proving the non-making of calls. This will not provide a complete defense, however, since you theoretically could have gotten an additional phone just for the contact.
3. Become familiar with the law of aggravated stalking in Michigan which is a felony. Go to then in the box labeled MCL Section type in 750.411i

Good luck.

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You absolutely need an excellent attorney to assist you.

-Scott Aaronson, Esq.

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Yet a lawyer. Stalking is a serious crime.


If you're being charged with a crime, then yes, you need a criminal defense attorney. Don't hold out hope that since you didn't do anything wrong this will just go away on it's own. It won't. Once charges have been filed, it means the prosecutor means business and likely believes that he/she can prove their case against you regardless of what your explanation is. Contact an attorney. Good luck.