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Do I need a criminal defense attorney?

San Antonio, TX |

I admitted to stealing $79.80 worth at the store that I worked for a month ago, I was fired. And I just recieved a letter today (dec 20)stating I have to pay a balance of $429.80 plus a civil penalty of $350. I dont have any money to go to a lawyer but it also states I can make payments every month. I dont see where it says after I pay the full amount they will leave me alone. What can I do? Or what should I do? Letter is from Neal C. Tenen in Sherman Oaks CA.

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It will be worth your while to talk to a lawyer about this. You could, depending on your particular situation, of course, ignore those notices. It depends, though. Call a criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with the issue, it'll be worth it. I bet you'll find one to talk to you for not very much.


You should be careful and consult an attorney in your town in Texas. A theft conviction can have long term effects on getting a job, or housing. If a non citizen there are also possible immigration consequences like deportation. Theft is a crime of dishonesty or moral turpidute and can be used to impeach you if you are a party in a civil case or a witness or a defendant if you testify at trial or hearing.

Regarding the attorney letter I have advised clients in Colorado to ignore it. It is unlikely he will sue you to collect this small amount. However check with a local lawyer.

All the best


I agree with the two previous posts.

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