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Do I need a criminal defense attorney?

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A couple of weeks ago my neighbor moved into another one of his rent houses. In that time he wasn't at his residence his locked mailbox got pried open and his mail stolen. Checks were passed just recently. He has come over 3 times harrasing me and told me he has a report against me. I call the police to make my own report against him and another woman. The woman is also another neighbor and is claiming myself or my fiance stole her indentity. Whomever applied used my address and my phone number. The cards or lines of credit were never opened and they were intercepted. They are now both making a case against me. I went to the police station and answered all their questions. They were getting a search warrant for my computers but I volunterily handed them over. I am being falsely accused.

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You state that search warrant is being sought for your computer and that you have been interviewed by law enforcement. Any person in your situation needs the very best criminal defense lawyer they can find and hire.

Additionally, remember that you have a right to refuse to answer law enforcement question the answer to which might tend to incriminate you.

You may be closing the barn door after the horse got out to some extent, but criminal defense is an area where better late than never sometimes is soon enough. GO GET A CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER.

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Most of the time that I hear this question, it is a person that deep down knows that they need an attorney but do not want to face that. That is your situation. You probably could have used an attorney before you handed these materials over. See an attorney today. No more speaking to the cops without one.

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Yes. I would go to all credit agencies and do two things: 1. Report that someone has stolen your Identity and tried to open accounts with your info, 2. Apply a credit freeze, which after you make your claim with them will be free. Thats how you protect your credit. How to protect yourself from criminal charges...get a lawyer.


You absolutely need an attorney. You should not be making any statements to the police. They are not trying to help you or "just clear this up." They are trying to build a case against you. Most of us offer free consultations. Start calling around as soon as possible.

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Hi Macy, do you have a website? I see your here in Dallas. Thank you

Macy Michelle Jaggers

Macy Michelle Jaggers


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You absolutely need an attorney. If they are seeking a warrant for your computers they think you're the guy. And they believe they already have some evidence that suggests it is you. They have probably already subpoenaed your bank records or are in the process of doing it. You need an attorney to help you fight the case that is coming your way.

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