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Do I need a consumer protection attorney?

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I purchased a vehicle over the internet and paid for it with my credit card. When I received the vehicle, it was not as describe and has may problems that were not disclosed to me even when I asked. The person I purchased the car from was not truthful to me about the ownership and claimed that he owned it. When I received the title there was another name on it. Also I asked specific questions about different areas on the car and found out when I received it, some of these areas were damaged or not working. I opened a dispute against this person to try and resolve these problems, the only response I received was, my lawyer will be contacting you. The vehicle was sold "as is" , but has many problems and safety issues that I was not told about even when I asked about there condition.

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The fact that the car has problems with it is less of a concern than the fact that the seller cannot deliver clean title to you. You should be able to rescind the entire transaction because of his failure to deliver title. Absent a real fraud, a car that's sold "as is" is sold "as is". So you need to pursue the matter based on failure to deliver title. You need to engage a litigation attorney.


I would generally agree with the prior answer, but also feel obligated to inform you that depending on certain circumstances there may be a consumer protection violation, which could entitle you to treble damages and attorneys fees. Your lack of information regarding the seller, currently makes a thorough explanation impossible. I have litigated consumer protection cases. But, you need to provide more information as to the state of the seller, what information you have, and the type of seller. You need to create a timeline of events and gather your evidence. After doing so, feel free to contact me.

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AS IS is not a commit fraud free card. Get in touch with a consumer protection attorney in your area for a low or no fee consultation. Find that attorney here: