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Do I have to use the insurance my ex-husband has our child enrolled in if he is legally obligated to cover him?

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Just recently my ex-husband decided, though never has before this past July, to add our minor son on his work insurance. As part of our divorce agreement in 2009 it states he is to provide insurance. He is also obligated to pay 56% of any costs that are not covered by insurance and I am responsible for 44%. Am I legally bound to use his insurance? My sons doctors are not in his network and I do not want to change them simply because of the insurance. Can I pay for doctors fees and bill him for the percentage he owes. Our divorce decree and the friend of the court only stipulated that he must provide insurance and that he is responsible for 56% of costs not covered. Thank you.

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If he has purchased insurance coverage for your son and you decide to take your son to a different doctor so your ex-husband will still have to pay 56%, you will likely find yourself paying 100%. Judges do not like people playing those kids of games. Good luck!

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its not a game. I simply don't think fair to a child at the age of 7 to see different doctors than they are used to. my son is a nervous wreck when he has to see a doctor but has grown comfortable with his pediatrician he has had since birth. but thank you anyway.

Edward Jacob Sternisha

Edward Jacob Sternisha


I am not saying that "you" are playing a game, but I am saying that the judge is likely to see it that way. They see many cases where parents are being petty over things that they should not so I just want to let you know that. I wish you luck!


Yes you will have to use his insurance or pay the full amount.


If you have your own insurance covering your child, you would not be required to use your ex-husband's insurance.

But, if you do not have insurance, and your ex-husband is now providing insurance that covers your child, as ordered by the court, you would be required to utilize his insurance coverage, or risk paying 100% of uninsured costs.

I understand that your son is comfortable with his doctor, and if you are willing to cover that cost yourself, then, by all means, go ahead and keep taking him to him. But, if you are not willing to shoulder the entire expense, you will need to find another doctor that participates with your ex-husband's insurance, that your son can also learn to be comfortable with.

We raised three children. We had to switch insurance and doctors many times during their growing-up years. If we didn't like a doctor, we found another. We got referrals from friends. We called the doctor's office and conducted a phone interview with the front desk staff, stating what we were looking for in a doctor and made decisions that way.

Best of luck to you,

John J. Keenan

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You need to use insurance. Perhaps the doctor would consider waiving the out-of-network fees? Or you could consider being solely responsible for the fees?

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