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Do I have to testify against my boyfriend in a domestic case in Polk County FL. I dropped all the charges. State is prosecuting.

Lakeland, FL |

I dont want to testify, already signed a waiver to testify, Took the domestic class and was under the impression that I didnt have to testify, I just got a letter saying I am commanded to... is this a scare tactic or am I required by FL law?


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A subpoena to testify is a court order. To disregard a court order you can be charged with contempt of court. Understand that these subpoenas are auto generated for all cases that are charged and therefore the case against your boyfriend may still be dismissed after everything you have done.

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Mr. Dirga is correct. Also, its the State's decision whether or not to drop chargrs, not yours.



Even if I waived my right to testify and took the required domestic class, can they make me testify? Also it came in the mail? Is that a real subpeina?

Andrew M. Leone

Andrew M. Leone


Its a real subpoena. They can make you come to court, but often times they drop cases with uncooperative victims. They still could drop this one too.


Mr. Leone made a very important point, the State Attorney's Office determines whether criminal charges are dropped, not the victim or witnesses. While this is true in all criminal cases, domestic violence prosecutors seem to take this situation even more seriously presumably given the nature of domestic violence and the unique relationship between the alleged victim and defendant.

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