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Do I have to tell my insurance agent that I had a car accident if I only have Liability insurance?

Rockville, IN |

Medicare will be paying for the hospital bills. Will Medicare be contacting my car insurance company?

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Under the terms of your insurance policy, you likely need to report every accident or they could deny a future claim.


You need to notify them if this was a collision that involved another individual, car or property not owned by you. If a claim is made and you fid not report it, the insurer may deny coverage, in which case you will be personally liable. It is possible that Medicare will notify your auto insurer.

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It is much less stressful if you go ahead and report this accident to your insurance company. Once you do it, it will be off your mind. Your policy of insurance requires you to notify your insurance company.


You have a duty to contact your insurance company that is outlined in your own individual insurance policy. That having been said, you should definitely contact them. If you don't, they might use this failure to notify them as an excuse to deny coverage, saying that you "failed to cooperate." Contact them ASAP.

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