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Do i have to talk to the police about a crime i witness if i said something in the past?

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I dont want to b invovled because im fearing my life,the police want to use me as a witness and i dont want to b invovled with it,because if im goin to b a witness they shouldnt have put my personal wereabouts online for the public to see if its a investagation,and i need to know if i can file a lawsuit aganist who did it.

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You never have to talk to the police. They only way you can be forced to talk about something you witnessed is if you are a subpeoned to court as a witness. If that happens you can hire an attoreny to make a motion to quash the subpeona inorder to convince a judge to withdraw the subpeona.

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You should contact an attorney. To answer your main question. The police cannot force you to talk to them that being said you may be served with a court subpoena in the future which is a court order that you cannot ignore.

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