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Do I have to talk to police if they continue to call me about writing a statement against my wx husband ?

Old Saybrook, CT |

Im a class A. felon and was arrested in a domestic dispute with my ex. .. I was arrested and 6 weeks later they continue to call my phone to get a statement against my ex... I told them several times that I dont want to press charges I just want to put it all behind me

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You do not, absolutely do not, have to talk to the police about anything, regardless of your past criminal history. Do not let them intimidate you. If they persist hire a criminal defense attorney who should be able to stop this nonsense.


Nothing good can come from speaking to the police. Consult a CT criminal defense attorney for further clarity.

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Refuse to speak to the police if you do not, and retain an attorney to appear with you if they seek to bring you to the police station to be questioned, etc.


Counsel who commented about remaining silent are all correct. Police may protect and serve, but they do so by investigating crimes and arresting people they believe to be criminally responsible.

If you previously made an accusation against someone and no longer wish to stand by the statement, I recommend that you obtain legal representation. You may be exposed to criminal charges that your prior statement was false and there is also a cause of action that can be brought against you by the individual you accused alleging that you falsely accused him of committing a crime.

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No. you are not required to answer questions if you do not want to.

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