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Do I have to show up to a hearing if it is a request to appear and not a command?

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I received a reminder in the mail for a hearing tomorrow that stated I am requested to appear, not commanded. It is about establishing CS and access/visitation with her bio dad, not to sound crude. We just established paternity in October of 2012. What happens if I don't show up? I have appeared to every other request and command before. Any chance they will reschedule? When we were in there back in October, I had it rescheduled for this month because I wanted to get an attorney to protect my daughter. I have not been able to do so, as I can not afford one. Legal Aid has been no help, as I keep calling and never get through to anyone. Will they enter a default judgment if I am not there? I am the custodial parent.

Thanks everyone for the info. I was planning to go any way, and I did. I was just curious what could happen if I didn't. Thanks again for your advice.

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You have been notified before as this is a reminder. You need to appear. If you do not, when you are forced to appear next time, it will not help your situation that you simply chose not to go. Remember, this is about your child.

I have changed the practice area to child custody.

Cynthia Henley


You need to appear.


Wow, why would you not show up??! The only way to protect your interest is to show up, otherwise they win the hearing by default and will have whatever order they want signed by the judge. Don't be stupid or lazy!!


Not only could the Court default you, but a warrant could be issued for your non-appearance! Why wouldn't you want to protect your rights?!

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