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Do I have to send away my license after getting DUI?

Everett, WA |

I got my FIRST DUI last month. I received a letter from the DOL saying this "any Washington state drivers license or permit, including occupational (ORL) or ignition interlock licenses will not be valid and must be returned to the department of licensing" does that mean I have to send it in?

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When you say you got your first DUI last month, does that mean you were arrested/charged with DUI last month or were you convicted of DUI? Assuming the former, did you request a DOL hearing within 20 days? I almost always recommend requesting such DOL hearings. At the very least, the period of suspension can be put off for months by doing so the right way. There's both a DOL process as well as the criminal process in these kinds of cases. Have you been arraigned yet? I am in Everett and handle these kinds of matters all the time. Please feel free to contact me directly for a free, no obligation consultation.

Jack Berner

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In a DUI setting the Department of Licensing can suspend or revoke your driving privilege in several different circumstances. These include being convicted of an adult DUI or Reckless Driving. You can also be suspended or revoked by DOL for failing to request an administrative hearing within 20 days of the arrest/notice of suspension or by losing the administrative hearing.

If you have been suspended or revoked you are required to turn your old license in and obtain an "Identification Card." This ID card will act as your picture ID until you can reinstate your driving privilege and obtain a new license.


Hire a local DWI Lawyer. Go to to find the best in your area. There are serious consequences to trying to represent yourself and if you don't understand the letter you were sent, there is a good chance you will seriously harm your future defense of your case. Good luck!

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