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Do I have to see a judge on a requested bond amount when I do a walk thru.

Fort Worth, TX |

I have been told I have a requested bond set not a required bond . The bondmans stated I needed to meet them at the jail to do paperwork then they said I have to wait to see the judge before I can be bonded out . i thought when a warrant is issued the bond should be already set by a judge. Can you give me some insight on this?

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Attorney answers 2


Some times on family violence cases they do not set a bond because they want the person to appear before a magistrate and get a magistrate's order of emergency protection (MOEP) in place before they bond out.

In Harris county, most judges will allow a defendant to come in with a lawyer and a bonding company, put the MOEP in place, and let the person leave to go walk through with the bonding company - especially on misdemeanors.

You should hire a lawyer first.

Cynthia Henley


No, when a warrant is issued a bond is not already set. The bond has to be set by the judge. The bond could be above or below the requested amount.