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Do I have to Restamp VISA if I change my employer to go out of Country ??

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I have my visa stamped till Apr 2014 with my old employer. I recently changed job and got approval for visa transfer with new employer. Do I have to re stamp my visa with the new employer in order to go out of country and come back??. If No, I received the approval notice for the 1-797 transfer but did not receive an original copy of new I-797 yet. Attorney says it takes 2-3 weeks to receive the original. Can I go out of country and come back since I already have stamped and also my H1B transfer has been approved.

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Yes, you can travel out of the country and return without needing to again apply for a consular visa stamp. As long as your "transfer" is for the same visa classification, you are OK.

Just make sure to bring in an employment confirmation letter from your new employer, addressed to the CBP at the airport. That letter has to be similar in content and form to the old employer's letter which you perviously took with you to the consulate.

Yes, it does take at least 2 weeks to receive the original approval notice. Make sure you have that on your person as well upon your return from the foreign trip.

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Only if your current visa stamp is in a different visa classification or has or will be expiring prior to your return.

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If you changes employers under H-1B category without and you have a valid H-1B visa stamp in your passport , you do not need a new visa but should carry the original approval notice with you we you return to the US.