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Do i have to report a workers comp. award settlement thats paid weekly to my weekly unemployment claim?

Norwich, CT |

i am paid weekly from a workers comp award settlement for a certain amount of weeks and also collecting unemployment weekly am i suppose to file the award settlement on my weekly unemployment claim.

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Given that you said you are getting a certain number of weeks of checks, I am guessing that you are receiving an award for permanent partial disability benefits. You should report this to unemployment. However, in Connecticut you are allowed to collect permanent partial disability benefits on top of unemployment benefits with no deduction from either one. So if your award is for permanent partial disability benefits, again, this should not reduce your unemployment benefit. On the other hand, if you are receiving workers compensation benefits for some other reason, that may reduce or eliminate your unemployment benefits. Understand that there is no reduction in your workers compensation benefits; the only possible reduction is in your unemployment benefits.

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I agree with Mr. Leard. In Colorado if it was permanent partial disability it would be OK. If it was for temporary disability there would be an offset so talk to your attorney or one near you to find out how it is handled there based on your specific facts


Generally collecting Permanent Disability with Unemployment is compatible, but collecting Temporary Disability with Unemployment is not. You should report it either way, but the PD should not have any impact.

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