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Do I have to report a juvenile arrest when applying for a pharmacy license?

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It was pc 484. No adjudication just a citizen arrest and a citation.

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If it does not ask for an arrest do not report it , if it does report it as a citizen arrest and citation

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If you were fingerprinted and booked, it is an arrest. If just a "citizen's arrest" and a citation, never filed in court, then I don't think it will show up on a live scan.
You might want to report it as suggested, just so that it can't come back and bite you later. But if it never went to court, I would report it as a citation and NOT as an arrest.

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My law firm handles a lot of Pharm Board application and disciplinary cases, and I have looked at the app as recently as within the last month. My recollection is that it does not ask for juvenile arrests. I know for a fact that it does not ask for juvenile adjudications.

Now, you are going into Pharmacy, a field where distinctions as minuscule as decimal points can cost a life or your career. So, get with the program NOW. Parse the application line by line or phrase by phrase. Answer ONLY what is asked. Do not answer what you think Pham Board could have asked, should have asked, should want to know, or might have meant. Answer what is asked.

If that app actually asks for anything pertaining to any juvenile criminal matter, you may want to respond with something like this: No disclosable (non-confidential) history as provided by California Welfare & Institutions Code. That will be sufficient to establish that you are not intending any deception or purposeful failures to disclose in the application process.

If Pharm Board comes back at you in a few weeks with a demand for disclosure of juvenile criminal history -- WHICH I HAVE NEVER SEEN FROM ANY CA STATE LICENSING AGENCY, AND I DO NOT EXPECT -- then you need to retain a CA professional/occupational licensing attorney to back the Board off because theft is a bad and dangerous issue in the State licensing process.

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