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Do i have to report a cash gift from a trust my aunt left me to SSDI

Hayward, CA |

i am on SSDI my aunt left me a cash gift will this affect my SSDI. I did deposit the money in my savings account. the amount is 30,000.

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Your aunt’s gift has no effect on your SSDI benefits. SSDI is an abbreviation for Social Security Disability Insurance. Your eligibility for SSDI is based on your work record. You had enough quarters of coverage at the onset of the disability to qualify you for the benefits. Your eligibility is not means tested. It doesn’t matter how much income you have, or how much your assets are worth.

SSDI benefits are like Social Security Retirement benefits. You get the same amount, no matter how rich you are. For example, Jack Welch has monthly income of $1.4 million. He still gets his $1,500 monthly Social Security check. You can see his income statement at:

SSI disability, on the other hand, is different. SSI is an abbreviation for Supplemental Security Insurance. If you were receiving SSI, your aunt’s gift would disqualify you. You can read about the difference between SSI and SSDI at:

John L. Roberts
Longmeadow, Massachiusetts

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