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Do I have to put information about a sealed or expunged crime on my college application?

Macon, GA |

I had a misdeamnor offence when I was only 13 years old. I didn't put this on my college application, because to the best of my knowledge, it has been sealed or expunged. We are calling the lawyer tomorow to find out which one it was.

Also, if it was sealed, would it of been sealed when I was 13, or does it become sealed at 17 or 18? This is GA.

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In general, if you are asked about any convictions, you have to answer truthfully, no matter how the case was disposed of after the conviction. However, you would have an opportunity to explain the circumstances of the underlying case as part of the application process. Therefore, don't attempt to mislead the college just because the case file and/or certain information about the case may not be publicly available. Good luck.


Read the question carefully. If it asks have you ever had an encounter with law enforcement, that is one thing. However, if it only asks for convictions, I believe you can honestly answer the question in the negative. At 13, you are a juvenile, and in juvenile court, you are not found "guilty" of a crime, but are merely adjudicated "delinquent." It is assumed that you are too young to form criminal intent. Unless you were tried as an adult (which clearly you were not on a misdemeanor), you need not disclose it.

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I agree with Mr. Lenhardt, read the question carefully. If it asks for convictions, you can say no. If it asks about encounters, you would say yes. However, give the details and explain about how it changed your life and how much you learned from the experience. Colleges love that stuff.

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