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Do I have to provide my LTD insurance a copy of my SSD application? They said they need that in determining coverage.

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They have said I three conditions that are pre-existing, and if any of them are listed on my SSD app. I will not receive anymore benefits. They are on the application, as I was treated for them in the past. But that is not what I applied to SSD for. It was for a back injury. SSD found me eligible in less than 4 months, however I had to wait the full 6 months to receive benefits.

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While I believe this is better answered by someone with SSD expertise, if the government is asking for it, you probably have no option but to provide the requested information. I do know that there is some interaction between the two and the LTD carrier may be entitled to reimbursement subject to the length of time and amount of benefits you've been receiving LTD. You should consider consulting with an attorney that specializes in SSD matters.

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Whether they are entitled to that information depends on the terms of the policy. Definitely get a copy of it and have an attorney who specializes in LTD claims look at it for you.


An insurance policy is like any other contract. Whether you are required to provide the LTD insurer with a copy of the SSD appplication and determination will be set forth in the policy. Some LTD policies call for the LTD benefits to be offset by any SSDI benefits, and such policies would, most likely, require you to provide copies of everything submitted to SSD. It all depends upon the wording of the policy. You should have a lawyer who is familiar with insurance read the policy for you and advise you as to whether the insurer is entitled to this information.