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Do I have to pay restitution for a crime if I am mentally disabled? Can my disability check be garnished?

Long Beach, CA |

I will likely owe a massive amount of restitution for a crime that wouldn't have happened if I didn't have my mental health issues. Can they garnish my future disability check to pay for this?

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Yes. Restitution is to make the victim whole. It isn't punishment.

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Michael Moshe Levin

Michael Moshe Levin


as to garnishing future disability, restitution isn't garnished unless from prison wages if you're in prison. whether a disability check can be garnished is a debt enforcement issue, not really a criminal law one.


Yes you're wages can be garnished to pay restitution.

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If this is in Long Beach you should speak to your attorney about the restitution. There are factors that may assist you in this area. Good luck.
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yes restitution has nothing to do with your mental issues. The minute you pled guilty or no contest you are on the hook for restitution and any source of income you have it may be garnished however it is only if you fail to pay restitution. If you pay restitution (even if small monthly payments) no one will garnish your wages or check.

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