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Do I have to pay my attorneys in order to get my file from them?

Cheyenne, OK |

My attorneys were charging outrageous prices so I told them I was going to seek other counsel. Now they won't give me my file until the bill is paid in full. I told them I would pay them a reasonable amount but I don't owe them near as much as they are trying to charge me.

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Attorney answers 2


In many states an attorney is allowed to assert a lien on a file for unpaid fees. How much is a fair fee? Your state bar may have a free fee dispute committee. Alternatively, the judge on your case may, upon a proper motion, decide how much your former attorney is entitled to be paid before releasing the file.


If you are seeking other counsel, hav eyour new attorney contact the previous counsel and they will probably be able to work it out to transfer the file. If not, the new counsel will be able to advise you of best remedy to obtain the file.