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Do I have to pay for the parenting classes if I don't want the divorce?

Aurora, CO |

I don't want the divorce and I discovered we have to take separate parenting classes, but I can't afford them. Can I make my wife pay for the classes?

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I think you either have to pay for them or you can ask them if you can file an application for a reduction of payment or a payment waiver. You still have to take the class.


When you don't want the divorce, the whole process feels even more unfair, but Colorado is a "no-fault" state and you are still required to pay for parenting classes. The average cost is approximately $40-80 unless you are talking about extended classes, which can range from $600 - $1200. In the case of the standard class, I have never seen the court order that the other spouse pay for it. In the case of extended parenting classes, which are frequently ordered when there is a great deal of conflict, I have seen courts order that the parent with more money pay a disproportionate amount of the cost. By the way, you DON'T have to take separate classes and, if you have a modicum of communication, it is often a good idea to take them together so you both hear the same things... Good luck.

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