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Do I have to pay for outside lamp?

Tulsa, OK |

In January, I received a notification by landlord, saying "we will install new outside lamp instead of your porch lamp to light up the dark corner, and you need to pay for the electric charges." I complained that why do I have to pay for that. landlord said "it is good for you, and the charge will be less than 1$ a month. what's the problem with you."
I already pay a rent. They have removed the lamp switch (I cannot turn off the lamp!). They are very rude, and saying we are going to do because our company order it though you complain about that.
Please help me what do I do for this issue. There is not a principle, they only argue that it's good for you and small amount of money!

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The first thing you should do is pull out your lease and read it carefully. The lease will govern what the landlord can do. If the lease does not provide that you are responsible for outdoor lighting, you may be able to address that with him/her. Be specific about the lease when discussing it so he knows that you are doing your homework.

Also look for any language that allows him to make improvements as he may rely upon that. Is there a reason for the light? Has there been problems because a landlord does have some duty to provide for the safety of his lessees in some circumstances.


Resolution requires specific review of all of the facts and circumstances, such that it is nearly impossible, if not entirely impossible, for an attorney to give you a useful legal analysis based solely on a summary posting on an internet site, and so I know this is not the answer that you are looking for, but I believe that you will need to obtain a consultation with an attorney to further explore the specific circumstances behind your question.

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