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Do I have to pay collections? Sent to wrong address, lied to, no bill.

Casselberry, FL |

When I moved I gave my light bill company a new address. No mail but I have a collections account. I call agency and confirm my true address. I tell them I never received bill. They say someone did receive it because it never got fwd back to them.The manager tells me there is nothing they can do. She says it was sent to the right address . I called back and talk to a different rep asking for information on when it was sent so I can fill out a police report. She confirms the wrong address and tells me my bill was fwd back to them. I speak to mgr and she says she can take the acct off credit report (effective immediately) if I pay within 30 days, then she'll put it back on C.R.. I say no problem just send me bill and proof stating it will be off. Still no bill but off CR gor 30 days if no $

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If you owe it, they can try to collect it. Wrong addresses, screw-ups, even incompetence do not cancel your obligation to pay legitimate debts.

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If the bill is for a relatively small amount and you do not pay it, they will have to sue you and the court costs are going to be at least $340 to do that in small claims court.

R. Jason de Groot, Esq.,

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