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Do I have to pay back Social Security Disability if I tag an award from an insurance Company in California

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I have a stress case where my irritable bowel caused me to fall - get a concussion , swelling of the neck causing constriction of the spinal column - Loss of consciousness for hours - and 4 more episodes due to stress on the job ( which I can prove on paper ) . The insurance co for the defense did not agree it was the hosp . fault . I received SS disability form CA and Unemployment . Now the Insurance co wants to settle out of court . Do I have to pay back the SIDS and / or Unemployment benefits ? At what rate / percentage ?

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Yes, you will most likely have to pay back any funds received from these agencies out of your settlement proceeds. Your lawyer will attempt to negotiate and pay a sum less than what the agency paid out. Yet, the agency has the power as most settlement checks from insurance companies will list these agencies on the check meaning the check cannot be deposited until the agency signs the check.

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Yes, you will likely have to pay a lien amount from any settlement you receive. You should consult an attorney who can negotiate this amount for you.

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Your lawyer should be able to negotiate the lien down.

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