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Do I have to pay a speeding ticket if the information is wrong?

Fort Collins, CO |

I got a speeding ticket in arapahoe county for speed. Frist of i was not speeding but that is besides the point. The names on the ticket are wrong. It has my hyphenated last name my mothers first name,my middle initial and my birthday under driver and I was the one driving. Under the insurance card holder it has her first name and her last name. Do I have to pay this? The information is wrong.

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Attorney answers 3


These errors will not invaliadate the citation.


You can always contest a ticket, but don't count on the ticket being dismissed due to a scrivener's error. If you don't want to pay the ticket because you weren't speeding, then you should fight it.


Unfortunately for you none of the mistakes you describe invalidate the ticket. There are some information on a summons that could be grounds for dismissal, but the ones you describe are not any of them.