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Do I have to pay a photo enforcement speeding ticket?

Glendale, AZ |

I'm Active Duty Army and had a photo enforcement speeding ticket e-mailed to me, through my chain of command, from the City of El Mirage. The photo was taken at the intersection of Grand & Primrose. I have read that El Mirage discontinued those types of citations. I have also been told that if a uniformed officer doesn't issue the citation directly to me, then I don't have to pay the fine. I am confused and just want to know if I should pay the fine or not pay the fine or fight it.

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You can choose to not pay a court fine, but that will usually result in a lot of negative consequences ranging from possible collection action, license suspension, or even bench warrants for your arrest. If you do not want to accept any of these possible consequences, then you should consider another course of action.

The question of whether to fight a traffic ticket or to just pay it is one that only you can answer. If you are seriously considering your options, it would be worthwhile to consult with a local attorney in El Mirage who is experienced in these matters. You do have legal rights, but you should not rely on what you may have been "told" about the law by anyone other than a licensed attorney who knows the law and who can give you proper advice about your particular situation.

Matisyahu Wolfberg

Matisyahu Wolfberg


I agree, it is not worth ignoring, these things always come back to bite you.


I agree with the previous answer. Bottom line: pay the fine; neither contesting it nor facing the consequences of not paying it are worthwhile.

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