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Do I have to leave my apartment when my landlord shows it?

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

I gave my notice to move within the required time for the end of my lease. My lease is up on May 31st. My landlord left me a phone message that when he shows the apartment he does not want me in it and expects me to leave for half an hour. This stipulation is not listed in my lease.

I should add in that this is a small apartment. Thank you for the advice, this did not go over well with the landlord. He became quite angry about it.

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No, you do not have to leave. While you agreed to let him have access in the lease, he cannot make you leave. Your personal possessions are in there. You should not discuss anything with the person who is a potential renter or he could try to claim you interfered with a contract. Just decline to comment even if asked.

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Now if he would just stop calling and hanging up when I answer the phone - like I said he is very angry about this.


No, you do not have to leave. I agree, do not make any comments etc

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Florida Statute 83.53(1) requires that you allow a landlord access to your apartment after receiving reasonable notice (at least 12 hours prior). You can always waive this time period by allowing entry before 12 hours has elapsed from the notification, but a landlord can't make you leave when showing the apartment to prospective tenants. To keep the landlord from potentially abusing the showing of your apartment until 5/31, I suggest that you hold the landlord to the 12-hour notice requirement. This way you don't run into a situation where the landlord shows up while you are gone. Keep in mind that the landlord does not have to tell you specifically what time he plans to show the apartment; only that he give you a minimum of 12-hour's notice.

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