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Do I have to keep a lawsuit confidential or can I put up a website about it?

Decatur, GA |

I want to give people information about my case in a blog. Its in the early stage and we haven't been in front of a judge yet. Is it ok to post the complaint and/or talk to the media?

Please say more than just "consult with your attorney", etc because I don't have one, and please don't say "well, you need one", because I can't afford one. In other words, all the mean attorneys that just respond like that, just don't answer. because I will just flag it.

I just need to know if I can post information about my case online. Thanks so much.

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I agree with Attorney Taylor' advice to you. I am a member of the Georgia bar. I would give the same or similar advice. You have a right to post a lawsuit on the Internet and speak to the media. But you definitely run risks concerning what you say on a blog, Facebook or other social media about the lawsuit. If you just want to post the lawsuit on the Internet without any commentatory from you, that would be your best choice since you are not represented by an attorney.


Allegations and statements made in civil complaints, or in the course of legal proceedings, are typically covered by litigation privilege, meaning they do not afford a basis for a civil suit if someone claims to have been damaged by such allegations or statements. Statements on websites enjoy no such privileged status. It's a free country, I suppose, so unless the court has ordered you not to discuss the case, you can do as you see fit. But generally it's foolish to discuss pending proceedings in public, for numerous reasons, including the absence of litigation privilege, giving an opponent fodder for cross examination, and alienating the judge or poisoning the jury pool. I have no way of knowing your particular circumstance, so this is just my two cents, and not to be taken as legal advice, as I don't hold Georgia licensure or practice there. Consult Georgia counsel if you need legal advice, and don't be surprised if they say, "don't do it!"



Well said. Thank you so much.