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Do I have to have an attorney for my foreclosure?

Boulder, CO |

Attorneys are expensive, and I've seen cheaper foreclosure consultants available. What can attorneys do that consultants can't?


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You do not have an attorney for your foreclosure. You might want to have one. Cheaper is not always better. People who proceed without attorneys always proceed at their own peril. Although I am an attorney for 21 years and was a judge for 7 years and know quite a bit about dissolution of marriage cases, I even used an attorney in my divorce case and in real estate deals. They were definitely expensive, but in the end well worth it in making sure everything was done correctly and also taking a load of burden off my back. It is purely your own choice.


I agree with the prior answer that it is best to have an attorney. I would suggest avoiding anyone other than an attorney who is from your state. If you are going to try to negotiate an alternative either use a local attorney who has experience in that or do it yourself. Do not pay an out of state foreclosure company, that is almost always a mistake and a waste of money. Good luck to you.

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What exactly are you trying to accomplish? What are the "foreclosure consultants" promising to do for you?

Foreclosure is a very state specific process. Are your foreclosure consultants located in Colorado? Do they at least understand the foreclosure process in Colorado? How do you know?

Most attorneys (including my office) will provide a free consultation and tell you what they can and cannot accomplish for you. I'm not sure what foreclosure consultants are offering to do. You need to ensure that you are fully informed and know what you are trying to accomplish before deciding what professionals you need to work with you. Your hosue involves an investment of tens of thousands of dollars. A difference in price between advisors is the least of your concerns.

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Hire an attorney or learn the law yourself. These foreclosure consultants are little more than scams, 9.99 times out of 10 and can accomplish little more than you can do. They cannot provide legal advice--and the law is what is driving the foreclosure process and it is the law that you need to understand to be able to defend and use as a means to secure a workout.

If you don't want to hire an attorney for the entire process, you can still retain one to act as your counsel for issues as they arise. You can get various books (Nolo and other reputable companies discuss the foreclosure process and options pretty well) that will help you understand the process and options.

Don't waste your time and money with some hack. Either hire a lawyer or just do this yourself.

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