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Do i have to go to AT if i received notice of proceeding of separation from the army?

Beltsville, MD |

Do i have to attend annual army training if i have received a letter stating that I'm being discharged from the army. Will it effect me or it wont make a difference?

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It is not clear from your question on what grounds you are being discharged. Are you being discharged from the Guard/Reserve, or simply being discharged from a period of active duty? It is also not clear whether the letter you received is a formal involuntary discharge notice or simply a letter indicating your company commander or supervisor intends to recommend involuntary discharge. Regardless, until you are actually discharged, you are still part of the Army Reserve/Guard and are required to attend and meet all military requirements. So, yes, you are required to attend unless formally excused by someone with authority to do so. As to your discharge, unless you are being discharged honorably at the expiration of your term of service, you should consult either a JAG attorney or a private lawyer with military law experience to review your discharge notice.

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