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Do I have to go and answer a cop's questions at the station?

Koloa, HI |

A cop called me to ask me to come to the station to ask me some questions. When I asked what it was in regards to he said a business has a theft case (accusing me) but he couldn't say any details. Do I have to go in? Should I have a lawyer before I answer questions?

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You don't have to "go down to the station" and answer questions. They want to make incriminatory statements. Do NOT go. Speak to a lawyer and the decide the best course forward.


Attorney Solis is correct. Do not go down to the police station. Do not try to explain yourself or try to do anything to talk your way out of the situation.

Call a local criminal defense attorney immediately. If the police are interested in speaking to you, then you need to have the protection of a criminal defense attorney.

Use the Avvo find a lawyer function for this purpose

Good Luck

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If you "had to go" they would show up at your door with hand cuffs. They do not have enough evidence to arrest you, so instead they are asking you to come there. Basically, they are hoping to convince you to come in and confess because they do not have enough without a confession. DO NOT GO. They will pressure you. If they continue, hire an attorney to draft a letter saying you do not wish to speak with them.

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I agree with my colleagues. DO NOT GO! If the cops had probable cause against you, they would arrest you. If they thought you had evidence, the prosecutors would subpoena you. Contact a criminal attorney in Hawaii who can advise you about the best way to proceed.

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