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Do I have to give my insurance information to the person that hit my car, gave me their insurance information and left

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I was rear-ended by a teenager, his grandma picked him up and left because she did not want the police to fine him for reckless driving. I waited for the police who handed me a blank police report which i filled and mailed. now a week later after her insurance has sent me a check and paid for my rental the grandma calls me saying she wants my information, which she never got cause she left so quickly. she wants to file a police report also. should i give her this info which I already gave to her insurance co.

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Exchanging insurance information after a car accident is customary. However, you do not need to talk to the other drivers insurance carrier. In fact, if you were in the accident you should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer.The car accident attorney would collect all your medical bills, and talk to the defendants insurance carrier. If the injury claim is a Maryland or Virginia the experienced attorneys at Portner and Shure would negotiate the injury claim for you, or file suit for you in Maryland or Virginia Court.

Jonathan N. Portner, Esquire, Portner & Shure, P.A. Maryland and Virginia Personal Injury Attorneys. This response is general information and not legal advice, and does not create an attorney-client relationship. This response should not be relied upon. Please note that no attorney-client relationship exists between the sender and the recipient of this message in the absence of either (1) a signed fee contract and (2) remission of an agreed-upon retainer. Absent such an agreement and retainer, I am not engaged by you as an attorney, nor is any other member of my law firm


If you were rear ended that creates a rebuttable presumption that the other party was at-fault absent an independent witness stating you were operating your vehicle erratically or a third party contributed or was completely to blame for the wreck. At this point it would be in your best interest to contact a licensed Florida personal injury attorney to evaluate your potential claim if you were physically injured in the accident. Being that you already contacted law enforcement and the adverse insurance carrier you can refrain from any further contact with this woman.

I wish you the best of luck.

Matthew A. Dolman, Esq.

This advice should not be construed as forming an attorney-client relationship. Please contact a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction for a consultation and evaluation of your potential claim.


Yes, you should contact a good Florida personal injury lawyer to sort it out. I recommend Dolman above, who is your best choice.

Licensed in PA & NJ. 29% Contingency Fee. Phone: 215-510-6755


There is no reason not to cooperate with her. She was at fault and it is probably a good idea to give the information to her.

You should consult an attorney in your State at once.

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