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Do i have to give a 60 day notice even though they are putting an eviction notice on me?

Plano, TX |

my landlord has place an eviction notice on my for an extra pet thats been staying with us. I"ve been looking for another place to stay. According to the other company they rejected my application because the apartment didn't verify anything. I called the aprt and they told me that i had to give them a 60 noitice even though they are trying to evict us in order for them to release any information about our rental history. Now because of that the other company is refusing to accepted our application. No one told us that we had to give them a 60 notice for this. I spoke to another person in the office and she said that i can pay her $682 for this to not be on our rental records. now because of this i do not now what to do next can can some

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The terms of the lease are generally going to prevail on this matter. An eviction notice does not necessarily mean they have to cooperate with you finding a new home or apartment, it just means they want you to leave or they will file a lawsuit to have you removed. Keeping a rental history clean is an important matter, and paying your lease obligations is also an important matter. Sometimes an order for eviction can also include an order for damages (the kind described in the lease) and court costs. I would suggest caution and taking your lease, the eviction notice, and any other letters you may have from the apartment manager in to an attorney as soon as possible to resolve this. If cost of an attorney is an issue, maybe look into Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas. But generally, a consultation with an attorney on this matter should not be too expensive.



So do I still have to give a 30 or 60 day notice to them even thou they given us an evIction notice. I told them I'd be out by the end of them montH.

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